Wandfasted By Laurie Forest

I absolutely, unapologetically adored The Black Witch by Laurie Forest. When I heard that a novella would be coming, I was very, very excited!


A prequel to The Black Witch.

The Kelts have attempted genocide of Tess’s people. She’s a level three Mage saves the day, and is forced to wandfast. A fast that had initially been forced upon her by her religous zealot of a Grandfather, quickly turns to legitimate love.

There were a lot of things I loved in Wandfasted. I loved that readers of The Black Witch could easily connect the dots. Things connected, and flowed really well between the characters. Just like The Black Witch, the writing was beautiful. I could picture the world super clearly in my head! It was nice to finally meet a lot of the characters, see what they were like as younger people, and just get to know Tess and Vale.

Though the Novella was enjoyable to the very last page, my biggest critic for this novella is that the ending, while light and fluffy, felt really underwhelming. The book had a great beginning! It was full of action It showed the beginning of the war. However, after Tessie is Wandfasted to Vale… the book takes a very different turn.

As in it is very romance focused. Something that should seem fairly obvious! The Novella is in fact titled, Wandfasted! I’m not usually a romance reader, but that still didn’t stop me from enjoying the novella as a whole.

It was really, cute. Though another criticism. (And this may be answered in the future.) We never really know what happened to Jules! He is mentioned a bunch of times. I kept thinking that the novella would create some sort of rift between Vale and Jules. However, he just never came back.

He was mentioned quite a bit by other characters, but never actually appeared again, and I personally found that really disappointing.

Though the Novella wasn’t quite as action oriented as I hoped it would be, I still found it enjoyable. I highly recommend it. Even if you have not read The Black Witch! It’s a short read, and I honestly feel like if you read this novella first, you would feel very differently about it.

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