This Savage Song Review

Warning: This Review may contain Spoilers. 

This Savage Song is the first book in the Monsters of Verity Duology by V.E Schwab.  synopsis can be found here.

This is a must read for any musician, or just anyone who has a passion for music. For those of you in High School Orcestra, one of the main characters is a violinist! Anyway onto some of my more in debth thoughts.

Despite the book having “monsters,” It’s not a “horror novel.” It has reaper, and vampire like creatures, yes. However, even the most skidish, scardy cats will be able to get through this book without any real issue. There’s murder, and death, but it’s also a Young Adult novel that takes place in a high school for a good chunk of the book. Don’t let the whole “Monsters of Verity” fool you. It’s a fast paced YA novel.. If you can suvive something like Maggie Stievaters The Raven Boys, you can most definately get through This Savage Song.

“Sunai, Sunai eyes like coal. Sing you a song, and steal your soul.”

*The Flynn Family: Henry and Emily Flynn have adopted three “children.” Really, they’ve taken in all three Sunai. Monsters who are the equievelent of the grim reaper in the world Victoria has created. Ilsa, Leo, and August.

This is one of those rare instances where the reader can take it both figuratively, and liteally. While August, the youngist of the three siblings reaps the souls of sinners using a violin. It is the eldist, Ilsa who makes the quote above have a literal meaning. She sings a soul of a sinner- As in a person who has committed murder- to the surface. Ilsa is undoubtably the most gentle of the Flynn siblings. She has also been the most “sheltered.” Though, a more accurate word to describe the only Flynn sister’s situation would be self imprisonment. She was the first Sunai to be born, and is arguably the strongest. When Ilsa went dark for the first, and only time she reaped nearly an entire city.

Leo is the most deadly, and the most twisted. He is manipulative, and takes pleasure in “cleansing the world of sinners.” Leo can use any instrument to reap. It seems that he doesn’t actually believe in this whole famly Dynamic that his parents have created, but he will still use terms like “brother” and “sister.” Most likely because he knows it’s what August wants to hear. to believe. It’s a manipulation tool for Leo, and boy does he do it well!

August was born as a result school shooting. His choice of weapon is a violin. Supposedly, it was the first instrument August heard, and so thats why he uses the violin. He is also the most “human” out of the three. August spends most of the book wishing that he was human. Which gives him the most debth out of all the three sunai.

The Harker Family:

Alice Harker has died in a car accedent years prior to the beginning of This Savage Song.

Kate is Alice and Callum’s only daughter. She was with her mother when she passed. The accident left her scarred from Temple to jaw. Kate Suffers from PTSD.

Callum is the opposite of Henry. He houses the Malchai, Corsai, and takes the peoples money to “protect” them.

“Malchai, Malchai, sharp and Sly. Smile, and bite, and drink you dry.”

The “vampires” of this world. Sloan, the main antagonist. Callum Harkers “Pet.”

He’s almost like a mirror of Leo. Manipulative, and cunning. Will use whoever, and whatever  he can to get what he wants. For whatever reason, thats a dead Kate.

Sloan is not very likeable, but he’s not meant to be likeable. You’re supposed to hate him. While he’s very much a cliche villian, it doesn’t really take away all that much of the story.

Know what you’re getting into. It’s a YA novel, chock full of typical YA cliche’s. However, This Savage Song is still very much enjoyable. The characters are very compelling, they’ve got a fair amount of depth to them, and it will speak to any music lover.


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