The Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2

The trailer I have been waiting for has arrived! As usual, the bits that were my favorite were the fleeting moments, glimpses really of my favorite Greyjoy siblings! Yara jumping ship, and Theon looking dazed and confused. And honestly, who wouldn’t in that situation?

I’m really hoping we’ll start seeing Theon being a more…. Mature version of his former self. While he’ll never get over the trauma fully, he still has a chance to grow, and become a better version of himself. I just hope Yara will be there with him to watch that growth.

Anyway moving right along! I’m glad to see that Bran made it to the wall! It looks like we’ll be seeing much more of him this season, and since Bran will be taking us back in time things should be getting really interesting! Hopefully we’ll get the Stark sibling reunion we’ve been waiting to get for six seasons!

Hopefully we’ll get more Sansa and Theon interactions this season as well so my little TheonSa shipping heart can soar! I know that it is highly unlikely that the two of them will end up together in the end, but hey! A girl can dream!

Also, I’m still new to this! I’m not quite sure how to answer comments yet! The second I do I will reply!


Legal disclaimer:

I do not own these characters. All Copyright falls to the proper owners. However, this falls under fair use as I am using it for discussion.


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