I’m going to try to blog (For Real This Time)

So the people have spoken! I’m going to actually try to post at least once a week on here. Let’s see how things go, and maybe I’ll post more frequently. Only time will tell!

The main reason I want to try this again is mostly because of Steve Donoghue and his wonderful book blog! So basically, expect a lot of reviews to come on this blog! The second I turn on the camera, and begin recording on my own channel something very strange happens, and all my thoughts on the book seem to just leave my brain. I do my best to keep calm, but then the anxiety creeps in. I start getting anxious, and fidgety. Written reviews may be just a better format. For whatever reason, I’ve always found myself more eloquent when I write. Perhaps, I’m being a bit too hard on myself? I dunno. Regardless, my friends have been more than encouraging, and I am very happy to oblige!

Until next time guys I love you, and I’ll see you in the next blog post!

Spoiler Alert: It will be a written review of “This Savage Song” by Vctoria Schwab.


Author: Grlonkindlefire

Hey! My name is Britt and I spend a good chunk of my life talking about various books and Game of Thrones!

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